Biodegradable iPhone Case with Delta Lemur Pattern

Protect your phone and the environment all in one go—this biodegradable iPhone case is eco-friendly and 100% compostable. This way, once your case has reached the end of its life after you have upgraded your phone, you can add this to a warm, moist, compostable environment. It will break down into non toxic, organic material which can be used as nutrients for plants. Cover your phone with a unique case to protect it from bumps and scratches in style.
We provide cases that cover the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series.

The design depicts the Delta Lemur logo in an interlocked monotone pattern.

The inks used for the design are Mimaki UV Inkjet Ink Lus 120 ink. This ink is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means the ink meets the gold certification for building materials, finishes, and furnishings. As a result, your biodegradable iPhone case will have a high quality print finish which will last.

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